What to Expect During Rehab Processes

What to Expect During Rehab Processes

A rehab facility can help you overcome withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and irritability when recovering from drug addiction.

During rehab, you can interact with peers with whom you can share your issues or experiences and enjoy a smooth recovery journey. Understanding what to expect during rehab processes can help you to find the right facility. Here are a few processes to expect when you visit an Orlando rehab center:

12-Step Program

A 12-step recovery program is a comprehensive approach that can enlighten you on how to overcome addiction and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. During a 12-step approach, someone who has successfully overcome addiction guides others who are still on the journey to sobriety.

The first step to a successful 12-step recovery program is admitting that you suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. Once you admit powerlessness, you examine your weakness and surrender to God or a higher power for help.

The next steps involve confessing, becoming ready for change, embracing humility, and making peace with people you’ve wronged. This recovery approach also involves self-reflection to help those recovering admit their mistakes before making any amends.

Once you overcome addiction, you maintain a spiritual connection by praying and meditating. This can give you spiritual strength and guidance even as you help others struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.


A reputable Orlando rehab center can offer you medical detox tools to enable an efficient elimination of drug substances from your body. If you are undergoing inpatient treatment, detoxification can prevent possible relapse. Detoxification can reduce the risks of chronic ailments that result from substance disorders.

Proper monitoring of medical detox during rehab processes can prevent nausea, mood swings, vomiting, insomnia, and other related symptoms. A full detox can depend on your addiction duration, the types of abused substances, or underlying illnesses.

Evidence-based Therapies

Evidence-based therapies during rehab processes can equip you with strategies to manage anxiety, depression, and other challenges involved in the sobriety journey.

Coping skills you can learn from the therapies include self-care, problem-solving, deep breathing, physical workouts, or mindfulness and meditation. The guidelines followed during evidence-based therapies can increase the chances for better addiction treatment results.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based practice that can build your self-awareness by enabling you to control your emotions and thoughts. Self-awareness can make you sensitive to fatigue, stress, and other situations that could trigger your relapse.

CBT can also help you adopt healthier behaviors and beliefs that support your addiction recovery. Other evidence-based therapies you may expect during rehab processes include accelerated resolution therapy and motivational interviewing.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities during rehabilitation can improve your mood and motivate you to perceive the addiction treatment more positively. They can stimulate endorphin production to make you feel happier and enjoy better mental focus.  

Wellness activities can allow you to interact with other peers and enjoy a supportive environment. A rehab facility can provide activities like yoga, outdoor events, group exercises, Shiatsu, or Tai Chi classes.

Your rehab facility should be in a convenient location. A nearby rehab facility can make your outpatient treatment more convenient and cost-efficient because of fewer travel costs. Facilities further from your home or workplace may help provide a more confidential addiction treatment process.

Visit an Orlando Rehab Center To Get Started

A rehab facility can equip you with coping skills for a successful addiction recovery. Some things to expect during rehabilitation include evidence-based therapies, acupuncture, a 12-step recovery program, and detox. Depending on the facility, they may provide other rehabilitation tools not listed above. Visit an Orlando rehab center today and start your journey to sobriety.

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